HMD Trucking, Inc.​

HMD Trucking, Inc. (HMD Trucking) was founded in March of 1998. Henry Malukas, Founder and President, started the business with his wife Daiva when he discovered the expanding transportation opportunities in the 6 County area surrounding Chicago. The Company’s aim was to achieve an exemplary safety score in all of the categories and keep all of the equipment intact while educating drivers on safety protocols. Since its inception, the Company has had an operating history of over 19 years. HMD Trucking has been highly successful in securing good margin opportunities in over-the-road and contract hauling, so the company’s growth has been phenomenal.

RTD Media & Management​

RTD Media and Management, a division of Race Tech Development, was founded in 2008 by long-time motorsports industry member Mike Maurini. RTD Media and Management is prepared to provide clients with a full range of marketing services – from preparing and distributing media releases to website and social media set-up, design, maintenance and management. At a time when social media is growing, we can put our marketing initiatives to work to get your name, experiences and accomplishments out to the masses. Developing a strong relationship with many industry leaders, Mike and his foray of motorsports related companies are well respected throughout the world of motorsports. Through his business-to-business contacts, Maurini has expanded his Race Tech Development Group to include media and promotional services across a variety of different industries.